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My name is MAI and I’ve been M.I.A.

I recently received an e-mail the other day that it was my “One Year Bloggrversary” (whatever the hell that is) and I realized that I haven’t blogged in over a year!   It may be because I’ve been busy planning my wedding or too busy eating. But anyways, I want to shift this blog from all about food, to incorporate my other love, TRAVEL.

I grew up with next to nothing, and once I was able to start working, I worked my butt off to have the things I have, eat the strange but awesome things I’ve eaten, and see the things I’ve seen.  I want to devote this blog to the places I’ve seen and all the tastes involved… all within a REASONABLE budget.

I always wondered how other people traveled so frequently.  I mainly assumed it was because mommy and daddy were there to support them in their endeavors, they made boatloads of money, or some other special support they had. While that MAY be the reason some are able to travel, I’ve discovered that you can DEFINITELY see the world within your means.  It takes some work (actual work aka J.O.B.), lots of research, and timing (dates you are able to travel).

I’m going to rewind my timeline and post of my prior adventures and reminisce about the amazing time I had.  READY… SET… GO!

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Hi, my name is MAI and I like to eat, A LOT.  I have this insane amount of passion for the chemistry and senses involved in consuming food.  I’ve been meaning to start a blog for a while now, so I hope my food experiences will be helpful to all of you.

Why not use YELP?  Because the reviews are so damn biased.  Yes, there are SOME legit stuff being said, but I feel that over half of the people on there use it as a platform to bitch and complain about anything/everything.  Plus, I don’t want my thoughts to just be another insignficant post persuading others to eat here or there.

I simply just want to share my experiences and love for the thing that keeps us alive…
FOOD (and booze, we all need to hydrate).

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