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Vegas, Baby. Vegas!

First and foremost, I would like to apologize for my lack of photos in this post.  I refused to leave my euphoric state of eating to pause and take photos of this dining experience.  This is the only photo I have to recount of the night I’ve named, “The Best Meal of my Life” (thus far).



We are fortunate to live close, but far enough from the hot deserts of Nevada, so we frequent the trip to Vegas to visit our good friend, Drew, and to also have some fun out on the strip!  Due to the close vicinity of Southern California, we are able to travel by car and save on flight costs.  The drive is about four to five hours, depending on how much we are breaking the speed limit, and traffic.  Vegas is by far one of our more affordable trips we take (unless we end up at a Blackjack table).   We often get room comps (based on play) which also saves us on accommodation costs.

This particular trip was to celebrate my 26th birthday.  It was a mission of mine to enjoy a fine dining experience with some of my best friends.  (We try to stay classy time to time)  From the service to the gastronomy and the ambiance, Chef Emeril Laggasse’s Delmonico in The Venetian of Las Vegas, was the best meal I ever had in my life.

Because I do not have visuals for my encounter, the best meal of my life consisted of:

  • Magnum Girgich Hills 2001 Cabernet Sauvignon. (compliments of my bestie Drew McKenzie)
  • Truffle and parmesan cheese crusted potato chips.  (Can you even imagine?!)
  • Emeril’s Signature BBQ Shrimp with petite Rosemary biscuit.
  • Classic steak tartare w/ toasted baguette.
  • USDA Prime Bone-in Ribeye, wet and dry aged on premises for 7-8 weeks, hand cut, creole seasoned, charbroiled and served with maitre D’ butter. (I have yet to find a steak to par with the first bite I took)
  • Sides of Sautéed garlic button-oyster,-shiitake Mushrooms,  Cream Corn gratinee with poblano pepper, and Potato au Gratin.
  • Ending with Emeril’s Banana Cream Pie & Pecan pie with shortbread cookie crusted served with home made vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce.

Sometimes, an experience is just so great, no amount of words will ever be able to fill the explanation.  One will just have to experience it.

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